B2B Marketplaces

Modernize your business, enable connections between buyers and sellers, and increase your revenue with a marketplace solution.

With optimized communication systems, automated operations, and easy onboarding of suppliers, we have all the capabilities to support your B2B, B2C, or B2B2C marketplace.

Streamline your supplier and product onboarding processes by integrating our solutions into external ecommerce systems.

If a B2B marketplace is not your ideal marketplace we also offer Distribution Channel Marketplaces as well as Enterprise Marketplaces.


Connect Buyers and Sellers in Your Industry

Enable buyers and sellers to find each other, transact, and communicate product information.

Create B2B, B2C and B2B2C Marketplaces

We support various marketplace models, multiple tiers of suppliers, multiple marketplaces and optionally online retail stores.

Support Multiple Tiers of Suppliers such as Wholesalers and Retailers

Gain management tools and support throughout every level of your supply chain.

Suppliers Can Easily Import Products from Supported Ecommerce Systems

In 15 minutes, a supplier can configure their ecommerce site to send their product catalogue to your marketplace. Product descriptions, images, pricing, and inventory are all updated daily.

Support Payment Processors and Automate Sending Payments to Suppliers

Tier 2 suppliers can take orders and payment using credit card, cash on delivery, or other means. Each supplier can use a separate payment processor account, or system such as Stripe, which can split payments to multiple channel partners.

Quote Processes with Integration to External Systems

In addition to standard add to cart transactions, quote processes can be configured such that a buyer and seller can come to an agreement regarding price, terms, and delivery dates. Transactions can be finalized on external systems or within the platform.

Suppliers Can Optionally Provide Product Support to Buyers

Utilize your suppliers’ expertise by letting customers connect directly on your marketplace via social media or integrated chat.

Custom Designed Modern Site

Create a fast, mobile responsive, WCAG 2.1 compliant site.

Lead Generation

Lead generation marketplaces enable customers to request more information or make product inquiries. These inquiries can be enabled for all types of marketplaces.

Expand Your Product Catalogue

Increase revenue with minimal effort by diversifying your product assortment. All pricing, inventory, and product changes will be automatically updated.